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Friday, February 29, 2008

Watch me in Al Jazeera

Well, up to this date the names are still in the electoral list. More cases can be viewed at www.bm.bersih.org.

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Human Rights Demands for the Coming General Election 2008

Our forebears have fought for Merdeka in 1957 so that all men and women, regardless of race and religion, can live a life with dignity, free from fear and free from want in a new country where freedom, justice and peace prevail.

Regrettably, after 50 years of independence under the rule of the Alliance and the National Front (Barisan Nasional) coalitions, human rights in Malaysia have deteriorated dramatically. Indeed, it makes a mockery of the Merdeka that we achieved when the vibrant freedom of the press, expression, assembly and association exercised by our forebears against the British during colonial times would be lost under the rule of our own people after independence.

It is high time for the people to reclaim our rights, our freedoms and our country in the coming general election.

1. Reject Racialised Politics and Racism

The kind of politics perpetuated by Barisan Nasional has divided the citizens rather than united the country. Human rights violations, abuses of powers, mismanagement of public funds and corruption in the government thrive under the protective umbrella of racialised politics. Anyone challenging cronyism, corruption and nepotism of the powers-that-be would be persecuted for inciting racial tensions and posing a threat to national security. Malaysian citizens, living under the fear of the Internal Security Act and the bogeyman of the May 13 tragedy, are silenced and stripped of their rights.

We call on all voters to reject candidates and political parties that resort to racial and religious extremism. We demand for the enactment of a Race Relations Act and a permanent Race Relations Commission to outlaw racism and incitement of racial hatred.

2. Repeal All Emergency Laws and Laws that permit Detention without Trial

Despite the fact that Malaysians have lived in peace without war or conflict in the last three decades, the emergency laws and anti-subversion laws previously proclaimed by the government, which vest enormous emergency powers in the hands of the state and suspend civil and political rights of the people, remain in force to this date. These laws have been rampantly abused by the ruling parties.

We call for the four proclamations of emergency in 1964, 1966, 1969 and 1977 to be revoked officially by the coming parliament. We demand that all emergency and anti-subversion laws and measures, especially the Internal Security Act 1960 and the Emergency (Public Order and Prevention of Crime) Ordinance 1969 and the Dangerous Drugs (Special Preventive Measures) Act 1985 which provide for indefinite detention without trial, be repealed immediately. We demand that immediate release of all those detained under the emergency laws be charged in court or be released immediately.

3. Respect and Protect Freedom of Expression, Assembly and Association

Freedom of expression, assembly and association are fundamental rights for citizens to participate in policy decision making. However, these rights have been continuously curtailed with the justification of national security when in realty it is no more than suppressing the citizens from raising legitimate concerns such as corruption, abuses of powers and the failures of the government policies.

We call for the abolition of the Sedition Act and the enactment of a Whistle-Blower Protection legislation to protect freedom of expression. The right to freedom of assembly and association should be allowed to be exercised without hindrance while all authorities' decisions should be subjected to judicial scrutiny. We call for the abolition of Section 27 of the Police Act that subject public assemblies to the approval of the police.

4. Form the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission

The rising crime rates in the country in recent years have indicated that the Royal Malaysian Police has failed in its duty. To make matters worse, the police force today has reduced itself to become a tool of coercion and violence for the powers-that-be to remain in power. The rights of the Malaysian citizens are trampled. A professional police force that is effective in fighting crimes, respects human rights while enforcing the laws, politically impartial in carrying out their duties and free from corruption can only be achieved with an independent oversight mechanism with adequate powers.

We demand for the implementation of the 125 recommendations made by the Royal Commission on police reform, especially the formation of the Independent Police Complaint and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC).

5. Stamp out Corruption

Corruption has been widespread in the government and unchallenged under the protection of the powerful ruling elites. Mega projects are awarded to individuals and companies who are politically well connected. In the process, project costs have multiplied to exorbitant levels and have led to huge unnecessary social costs at the expense of public monies. Tax payers are made to pay double for the corruption and the rising costs of living as a result of the former.

We demand that all ministers and public servants declare publicly their personal wealth before taking office. All ministers and public servants who live beyond their means should be investigated and prosecuted for corruption. We call on the Anti-Corruption Agency to be made independent from the Prime Minister's office and to report to the Parliament solely.

6. Uphold the Independence of the Judiciary

The recent Lingam tape scandal has confirmed the widespread public perception that our judiciary is highly corrupt and partial to the powers-that-be, especially after the 1988 judicial crisis. It has failed to defend the rights of the people and deliver justice to the victims of the rich and the powerful.

We demand judicial independence to be restored immediately by rescinding the constitutional amendment of Article 121(1) that undermines the separation of powers in a functioning democracy and the formation of an independent judicial commission in appointing and promoting judges.

7. End the New Economic Policy

The New Economic Policy (NEP) has deviated from its original objectives and has become a tool for a small group of ruling elites of different ethnic communities to accumulate enormous wealth. The majority of the Malays has hardly benefited from the policy while the poor non-Malays are deprived of social assistance. The NEP is a divisive policy that perpetuates racial discrimination. It also compromises meritocracy and undermines our country's competitiveness in the globalised world.

We demand that the NEP be abolished immediately and be replaced with an affirmative action policy that is based on individual needs and merits regardless of race or religion.

8. Reform the Electoral System

The Malaysian electoral system is deeply flawed and is not able to reflect the true popular will of the people. It has deviated from the 'one person one vote' principle with large disparities of the number of voters from one constituency to another. The electoral roll is rigged and postal votes are often deployed by ruling parties to rob victory in crucial areas. The voters are deprived of the right to information and the right to make informed decisions with the opposition having no access to mainstream media. The Election Commission is partial to the ruling parties.

We demand the reform of the electoral system by setting up a royal commission on electoral reforms with the aims to restore the 'one person one vote' principle, clean up the electoral roll, abolish postal votes and ensure equal access to the media by all parties. Local government election must be restored. Appointment of members of the Election Commission must be done in a transparent and accountable manner with public consultation.

9. Uphold Press Freedom

Press freedom in Malaysia has been severely curtailed by the restrictive laws such as the Printing Presses and Publication Act that requires annual license renewal of newspapers and magazines. The situation is made worse with the ownership of mainstream media and the abuse of state media such as RTM by the ruling parties. This seriously undermines the right to information and the right to make informed decision of the citizen to check the abuse of powers and corruption in the government, the parliament and the judiciary.

We demand for the repeal of the Printing Presses and Publication Act, the Official Secret Act, the legislation of a Freedom of Information Act, and the setting up of a parliamentary select committee to review all other legislations which relate to press freedom.

10. Respect Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

The economic growth in Malaysia has not been accompanied with just distribution of the wealth created. The gap between the rich and the poor is growing bigger and wider, especially in the Malay community. Many remain in poverty without adequate food, housing and access to basic and essential services such as water, electricity, healthcare and education, especially in the rural areas and the indigenous people's communities.

We demand compliance of economic, social and cultural rights standards and a national minimum wage policy in order to ensure an adequate standard of living for all. Furthermore, religion, culture and the mother tongue languages of minorities should be respected and allowed to be practiced and developed freely. The building of Chinese and Tamil schools should be allowed according to needs and with fair allocation of public funds. Malaysia is a secular state under the Federal Constitution with Islam as the official religion, while other religions must be respected and allowed to be practiced freely.

11. Ensure Gender Equality

Women continue to be marginalised in Malaysia, especially in the decision-making process. This discrimination based on various justifications, ranging for religion to culture, must be ended. Women should be treated as equal to men.

We call on voters to reject all sexist candidates such as Mohd Said Yusof and Bung Mokhtar Radin, former parliamentarians from Jasin and Kinabatangan. We demand an equal representation of women in all fields and key decision-making positions and equal treatment of men and women before the law.

12. Protect the Environment

The developmental model pursued by Malaysia without taking into account social costs has led to massive pollution of rivers and oceans, destruction of forests, and poisoning of the soil and underground water. The protection of the national car industry has not only caused massive traffic jams in cities and an underdeveloped public transport system, but has also led to release of large amounts of green house gases, contributing to global warming.

We demand more stringent environmental protection legislations to protect rivers, oceans, forests, and clean air and water. Efficient, accessible and affordable public transport system should be priority in town planning to avoid over reliance on personal vehicles.

We urge all candidates and political parties to pledge their support towards these human rights demands.

We call on all voters to support only candidates and political parties that are committed to all the 12 human rights demands and reject those who refuse to uphold any of these 12 human rights demands.

Vote for change! Vote for a better Malaysia!




Thursday, February 28, 2008

Loh Gwo Burne for Safe Kelana Jaya

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Laporan BPR Lee Hwa Beng

Pihak bilik gerakan kempen P104 Kelana Jaya hari ini telah menerima salinan laporan yang dikeluarkan oleh Badan Pencegah Rasuah (BPR) mengenai ADUN Subang Jaya , Lee Hwa Beng yang kini bertanding di Parlimen Kelana Jaya.


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Sidang Media P104 Kelana Jaya

Saya telah mengaturkan sidang media Parlimen Kelana Jaya dengan mengenengahkan pasukan muda-muda berlawan dengan ahli-ahli politik karat:
Parlimen Kelana Jaya (P104)

Loh Gwo (34 tahun) melawan dengan Lee Hwa Beng

DUN Seri Setia (N32)

Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad (26 tahun) melawan Sheripah Noli Syed Hussin

DUN Subang Jaya

Hanna Yeoh (29 tahun) melawan Ong

Kisah Utusan Malaysia

Seorang wartawan yang memperkenalkan dirinya sebagai Fizan (No Tel 017-7698385) memanggil pejabat bilik gerakan untuk jadual kami.

Saya memberitahu bahawa kita tidak mempunyai kelengkapan faks tetapi janji dengan beliau untuk menghantarkan salinan apabila talian internet saya berfungsi kembali.

Apabila didesak, saya bertanya, "kalau beri pun, Utusan bukannya dank tulis. Kalau tulispun, faktanya diputar-belit."

Fizan: Jangan cakap macam tu. Macam mana saya nak tulis kalau you tak bagi.

Saya: Saya pernah janji untuk kerat jari bila ada wartawan sebelum ini mahu tahu bila program terperinci Anwar Ibrahim di Kelana Jaya pada 4 Februari lalu. Wartawan itu cuma gelak dan kata kita hanya jalankan tugas.

Fizan: Jangan cakap Utusan bias! You bagitahu Harakah tu tak bias ke?

Saya: Cik Fizan, Harakah tu milik PAS, akhbar tabloid PAS dan lesen mengikut peraturan ROS. Utusan akhbar perdana. Kalau Utusan akhbar milik UMNO, dia kena keluar 2 kali sebulan sahaja.

Fizan: Saya cuma nak minta jadual, you nak cakap macam-macam.

Saya: Saya akan berikan jadual. Saya tunaikan janji. Saya minta Cik Fizan kerja dengan etika.

Fizan juga boleh dihubungi melalui emel: fizani81@yahoo.com

Sangkaan saya betul, Faizah tidak melaporkan apa-apa pun dalam Utusan!

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Aku berada di Aljazeera mulai hari ini (28 Feb)

Sila sebarkan tayangan kempen keADILan / BERSIH kepada semua.

Tayangan akan disiarkan di saluran Astro 513, Aljazeera melalui program 101 East.

Dalam tayangan ini, beberapa kes jelas wujudnya pengundi hantu di Parlimen Kelana Jaya (P104) dipaparkan.

Aljazeera bersama saya sendiri telah melawat kediaman-kediaman pengundi hantu dan terbukti hantu-hantu berkeliaran di Kelana Jaya.

Salah satu 'hantu', Sharmila Turaisingam juga telah tampil dan mengatakan bahawa beliau tidak rela kembar hantunya turun membuang undi di Kubang Kerian (namanya didaftarkan di Parlimen Kubang Kerian sungguhpun beliau tidak pernah menjejak kaki ke Kelantan).

Pasukan Aljazeera yang turun ke Kelana Jaya termasuk:
Editor - Michael Carey
Presenter - teymoor Nabili
Researcher - Parkaran Krishnan
Cameraman - Justin Okines

Berikut ialah waktu-waktu tayangan:

Khamis - 1030pm
Jumaat - 4.30am, 1.30pm
Sabtu - 3.30pm
Ahad - 7.30pm
Isnin - 3.30am, 1030am
Rabu - 9.30am, 2.30pm

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Malaysia Mempunyai Orang Ramai Berusia 128 Tahun!

Melalui rekod senarai pemilih terakhir yang diberikan oleh SPR dan layak mengundi di pilihanraya 8 Mac ini, Malaysia mempunyai ekurang-kurangnya 34 orang yang lahir pada tahun 1880 atau berusia 128 tahun.

SPR (sebut: bangang) tidak mengeluarkan nama-nama tersebut kerana mungkin mereka msih hidup.

Sekiranya susdah meninggal dunia, nama-nama tersebut sudah tentu dikeluarkan daripada senarai pemilih terkini.

Sila periksa senarai tersebut melalui SPR.


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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kelana Jaya Oppositions in the News!

All eyes on PKR's young guns
Azreen Madzlan | Feb 26, 08 7:55pm

Fresh young faces are dominating PKR’s and DAP’s front line-up for the coming polls and all eyes will be on them as they make their election debuts.

Undoubtedly, the ‘star’ among them is Loh Gwo Burne, the man who secretly recorded the infamous Lingam tapes on his hi-tech camera in 2001, tapes which shocked the nation in terms of judicial impropriety.

Met by Malaysiakini today, he denied that he had to be persuaded by PKR de facto leader - Anwar Ibrahim - to contest the coming polls.

pkr kelana jaya loh gwo burne pc 260208 talkingLoh, who will be contesting in the Kelana Jaya parliament seat under PKR’s banner, said Anwar had nothing to do with his candidacy adding that if he won, his constituents could be assured that he would not give up his seat to Anwar.

Following nomination day on Sunday, several PKR candidates have publicly said that they would step down at a later date if they won thereby forcing a by-election for which Anwar could contest. The former deputy premier’s six-year ban on contesting elections following his conviction for abuse of power expires on April 9.

Met after a press conference at his Kelana Jaya Community Service Centre, Loh revealed his inspiration to contest the general election came from a journalist of Chinese daily, Sin Chew Jit Poh.

Apparently, the journalist had sent an SMS to him asking what he (Loh) was going to do next now that he was famous because of the Lingam tape scandal.

Judicial reform platform

"I believe that after the Lingam case, I gained a voice. A lot of people thanked me and said I’m doing the right thing." said Loh. Present at the press conference were DAP Subang Jaya state seat candidate, Hannah Yeow and PKR Seri Setia state seat candidate, Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad.

Loh said though Anwar and DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang had asked him to consider participating in the general election, he only finally made up his mind last week.

cairo trip controversy 210105 lee hwa bengAsked to comment on his opponent, MCA’S Lee Hwa Beng (left), the birthday boy who turned 34 today replied: "Experience is important, but when you’re in a place for too long, it’s like the Chinese saying, you have become part of the problem, not the solution."

Lee has served the Subang Jaya state constituency for three terms since 1995. He won the Subang Jaya state seat uncontested in 2004.

Loh, who will be campaigning primarily on judicial reform disagreed that his lack of a background in law or politics would work against him.

"I decided to stand up and say ‘no’ to bribery. If you have seen what I have seen and heard what I have heard, you would do what I am doing too. That is why I don’t do law." he said.

On the New Economic Policy (NEP) which he said was a ‘decent idea’, Loh said the policy wouldn’t be fair to the Chinese and Indian communities if it only enriched the people in power.

Loh said, his father, Loh Mui Fah had wanted to contest the election too but withdrew in order to support his son as a team.

The Kelana Jaya constituency has 74,649 registered voters with the racial breakdown of Malays 42.1 % , 37.5 % Chinese and 19.4 % Indians.

‘Give me your vote first’

Meanwhile, DAP’s candidate for the Subang Jaya state seat, Hannah Yeoh Tseow Suan said her biggest challenge was to convince the people that she’s capable of serving the constituency.

pkr kelana jaya loh gwo burne pc 260208 hannah yeohHannah, 29, (right) said she is racing against the remaining 10-day campaign period to get her views across and hoped voters would trust her with their votes first.

"I’m racing against time in these two weeks. Give me your votes first. We can work out the issues later. I will do what you want me to do in the next five years. Two weeks (of campaigning) is not enough," she said.

She added that although Subang Jaya had all the basic facilities, security and crime were still a problem for residents and she would try to restore public confidence in these areas by offering practical solutions.

Hannah will take on MCA’s Ong Chong Suan for the Subang Jaya state seat.

Youngest PKR candidate

pkr kelana jaya loh gwo burne pc 260208 nik nazmiAnother young opposition candidate is Anwar’s private secretary, Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad (left) who will be taking on Umno incumbent Seripah Noli Syed Hussin at the Seri Setia state seat also in Petaling Jaya.

Nazmi who is the youngest PKR candidate at 24, said his youth was not an issue and that he would be focussing on crime issues being faced by the residents especially at low-cost flats and their surrounding areas.

Nazmi said his campaign slogan was ‘Your voice, your choice’ adding he would launch his campaign video on popular video site YouYube.com tomorrow.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Program malam ini

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Penamaan Calon Kelana Jaya

Terus terang aku beritahu di sini bahawa aku langsung tidak enjoy hari ini (24 Feb). Selain daripada melihat proses bangang SPR, aku ingin meng amin kan doa-doa yang kita taburkan buat kejayaan Nik Nazmi.

Seripah Noli(calon BN untuk N32) tidak mematikan stem. Begitu juga Lee Hwa Beng (P104). Dari luar aku gesa semua wakil calon buat bantahan. Rasa macam aku nak serang aje SPR (sebut: bangang). Mereka buat bantahan tetapi ditolak kerana arahan bertulis yang diberikan tersebut pada minit terakhir.

Boleh ka kata macam tu?

Baik tak payah buat arahan?

Bagi Nik Nazmi dan Gwo Burne, aku perkenalkan dengan peguam aku dan mereka bersama wakil calon, pencadang dan penyokong semuanya bergegas ke pejabat pesuruhjaya sumpah hanya untuk emmatuhi peraturan bangang (SPR).

Kita mampu laksanakan dalam keadaan terhad, mengapa tidak Seripah Noli dan Lee Hwa Beng?

Adakah kasut tingginya tidak memungkinkan beliau berlari?

Adakah mereka terlalu tua untuk bergesa ke pejabat pesuruhjaya sumpah?

Aku nak pulang ke rumah tetapi terlalu ramai menunggu untuk temujanji dan pelbagai persiapan untuk dibuat untuk majlis malam itu perlu dibuat.

Nasib baik ada kedai gunting jiran (kedai Mano ada air-cond) sudi membenarkan aku melelapkan mata buat seketika terutama apabila terlalu tertekan dan mengantuk.

Kes hailer
Kami membuat pelbagai persiapan semasa penamaan calon. Sepanduk pembakar semangat, tiang teleskopik panji-panji dan bekalan makanan semuanya. Oh ya…termasuk hailer (alat pembesar suara).

Setibanya di tempat perhimpunan, kami secara tiba-tiba tidak dibenarkan menggunakan hailer hanya kerana BN tidak membawa hailer.

Boleh ka gitu? Kalau tak bangang, apa namanya itu?

BN hanya ingat bawa kereta kebal kotak dengan lorinya yang jelas simbol kepada pembunuhan. Oh ya, Altantuya juga mangsa keganasan seorang ahli politik.

kerana terlalu boring, aku tegur polis yang macam blur di tepi-tepi jalan. Aku beritahu, "perarakan ni tak ada permit Tuan".

Polis: Apa? (sambil memandang ke arah aku?

Aku: Perarakan ini kita tak mohon permit.

Polis: Tak apa.

Muka polis setebal muka Najib Tun Razak bila rakyat menuduh beliau terlibat dalam kes pembunuhan Altantuya.

Siapa Lee Hwa Beng?

Beliau ini tak lah berapa cerdik dalam pendidikan. Main tikam belakang. Ahli Parlimen sebelum ini di’pancung’nya untuk demi meletakkan namanya di Parlimen Kelana Jaya.

Loh Seng Kok menemui aku bersama Loh Mui Fah (saksi penting VK Lingam) pada satu malam di Sunway di mana Loh Seng Kok minum arak kerana tertekan.

Aku beri pendapat aku (tidak dapat dinyatakan di sini kandungan pertemuan kami) dan beri hak sepenuhnya untuk beliau membuat keputusan untuk melindungi kepentingannya dalam politik kotor Lee Hwa Beng.

Muka Loh Seng Kok di billboard habis terconteng. Tidak patut aku menuduh sesiapa tetapi konflik dalaman MCA terlalu hodoh sehingga perkara conteng muka Loh Seng Kok sudah dapat diagak.

Siapa Seripah Noli?

Wanita berusia warga emas ini merupakan Ketua Penerangan Wanita UMNO Pusat. Lebih dikenali sebagai YB Bubur Lambuk, beliau beriya-iya mengarahkan UMNO Bahagiannya membuat program sedekah bebur lambuk di bulan puasa sehari selepas KeADILan dan PAS Kelana Jaya bersedekah ke surau-surau seluruh Seri Setia dan Subang Jaya.

Seripah Noli dan UMNO juga beriya-iya menganjurkan futsal di blok sebelah Pusat Khidmat Kelana Jaya semasa kehadiran sdr Anwar Ibrahim ke sini 4 Februari lalu. Hari itu ialah Isnin dan tidak pernah ada penganjuran futsal pada hari Isnin. Selalunya, Sabtu atau pun Ahad.

Pogram kami dihalang keras oleh pihak polis.

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Kelana Jaya di Al-Jazeera

(Dari kiri; Loh Mah Fui, Sharmila, Sanjay, penerbit Al-Jazeera)

Kerja-kerja kempen di Kelana Jaya dalam menjejaki pengundi hantu mendapat simpati dan perhatian media antarabangsa.

Sebuah rangkaian televisyen yang terkemuka di dunia, Al-Jazeera telah menghubungi saya dan ingin maklumat lanjut mengenai penyelewengan SPR dalam pilihanraya akan datang ini.

Sharmila ketika ditemuramah Al-Jazeera

Dengan memfokuskan kepada kes di Kelana Jaya, aku membawa seorang mangsa pengundi hantu, Sharmila Turaisingam ke bilik operasi utama kami di tengah-tengah Desa Mentari sebagai sebahagian daripada rakaman beliau melalui rancangan East 101.

Inilah kali kedua aku muncul di rancangan tersebut. Sesungguhnya pengalaman tersebut bukanlah suatu yang menyeronokkan tetapi kebodohan dan niat buruk SPR memaksa aku memberanikan diri untuk memberi kerjasama kepada Al-Jazeera untuk mendapat perhatian dunia mengenai kepincangan SPR dalam pilihanraya kali ini termasuk di Kelana Jaya.

Rakaman di Glenmarie

Aku juga diminta oleh penerbit Al-Jazeera untuk melawat sendiri rumah pengundi hantu. Dengan bantuan ketua Daerah mengundi Glenmarie, aku membawa pasukan East 101 ke Glenmarie court di U1.

Ternyata tiada daripada lapan pengundi yang tertera dalam senarai pemilih SPR terkini tinggal di kediaman tersebut (No 13, Glenmarie Court U1).

Bersama-sama kami ialah Loh Mui Fah; saksi dalam kes VK Lingam dan Loh Gwo Burne; calon Parlimen Kelana Jaya (P104).

Aku akan nyatakan bila watu tayangan rakaman ini melalui rangkaian 513 Atro.

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...Maka Bermulalah Satu Perubahan

Setelah hampir dua bulan menjalankan persiapan dan berbulan-bulan menjalankan persiapan minda, maka bermulalah satu era di mana kempen kesedaran rakyat yang inginkan perubahan melalui sebuah pilihanraya.

Aku akan membantu rakan akrab Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad dalam cita-citanya memenangi hati pengundi Seri Setia (N32) di Parlimen Kelana Jaya untuk membangunkan minda rakyat Kelana Jaya melalui Dewan Undangan Negeri Selangor.

Siapa Nik Nazmi?

Selain dia jiran di Seksyen 14, Petaling Jaya, Nik Nazmi mempunyai latarbelakang yang mengkagumkan.


* Nama Penuh: Nik Nazmi bin Nik Ahmad
* Tarikh Lahir: 12 Januari 1982
* Tempat Lahir: Kuala Lumpur
* Tempat Bermastautin: Petaling Jaya


* SRK La Salle Petaling Jaya
* Kolej Melayu Kuala Kangsar
* King’s College, University of London


* Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB), Kuala LumpurEksekutif PerundanganOgos 2005-Jun 2006
* Pejabat Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Kuala Lumpur/Petaling JayaSetiausaha SulitJun 2006-sekarang

* Naib Ketua Angkatan Muda Bahagian Kelana Jaya2006-sekarang
* Angkatan Muda KeADILan PusatExco & Timbalan Ketua Biro Penggemblengan Belia, Wanita & NGO2007-sekarang


* Pembahas Bahasa Melayu, Kolej Melayu Kuala Kangsar, Kuala Kangsar 1997-1999
* Wakil ke Nadwah Kepimpinan Islam, Labu 1998
* Presiden, Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar, Kolej Yayasan UEM, Lembah Beringin, 2001
* Naib Pengerusi. Majlis Tertinggi Pelajar-Pelajar Malaysia United Kingdom (UKEC), London, 2003
* Presiden Persatuan Alumni Kolej Yayasan UEM, Lembah Beringin 2003
* AJK Politik Mahasiswa, Federation of Students’ Islamic Societies United Kingdom (FOSIS),
* London, 2003-2005 Perwakilan King’s College London, National Union of Students, London 2005
* Pengarah Eksekutif, Open Dialogue Centre,
* Kuala Lumpur, 2007 Pengasas & Koordinator, Pusat Tuisyen UPSR Sukarela Desa Mentari, Kelana Jaya, 2007
* Penyumbang dan pengulas di pelbagai media seperti BBC World Service, Channel News Asia, the Edge & the Sun

Selain beliau, aku juga akan membantu kempen Parlimen Kelana Jaya (P104) yang ditandingi oleh Loh Gwo Burne (saksi utama kes VK Lingam).

Loh Gwo Burne lah yang bertanggungjawab merakam semua perbualan peguam VK Lingam yang mendedahkan percaturan dalam kehakiman di Malaysia.

Berikut ialah biodata Gwo Burne:

Name: Loh Gwo Burne
Address: No 11 Belair Condo, Lorong Basong 50460 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 019-232-2222 & 016-260-0000
Email: gwoburne@hotmail.com
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 26 February 1974
Place of Birth: London, United Kingdom

To keep moving forward. Be revolutional and evolutional in approaches.
A strong believer in justice and integrity. Fully committed to fighting corruption and crime !

Poi Lam (Sekolah Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina) Primary School, Ipoh
ACS Secondary School, Singapore
University of Hull (LLB Hon, United Kingdom)
China University of Political Science and Law (LLM, Beijing, China)


1. LLB (Hon) degree in Law
2. Masters in Law

Working Experince

1998-2000 Worked as an assistant manger in a Malaysian Company--Malaya Gourmet Co. Ltd., in the food industry in Hebei province and Beijing, China. He has helped the company from the formation stage to its operation. Have liaised with the local officials to ensure the smooth running of the factory and its operation. He has also supervised the office and factory staff, to oversee production, finance and sales.

2000-2001 Worked in the management of a property development company (Dalian Pengda Development Company Ltd) in Dalian, China as an assistant to the general manager. Participated in sales strategy, involved in public relations and liaised closely with government officials in Dalian where Mr Bo Xi Lai, the current China Trade Minister was the mayor (for whom he knows since).

2001-2003 Worked as assistant manager in G-Connect Sdn Bhd, the sole distributor of Gartner Group--the world’s biggest ICT advisory services company, in Malaysia, and simultaneously link up with representative of Gartner in China into market development. Involved in a wide scope of projects, including sales, public relations, office management, and travels to China for businesses of the company. Most of all he has worked in legal matters for the company and have frequent liaisons with lawyers of the company, and helped the lawyers prepare documents for legal matters.

2001- Assisted his grandfather in several high profile legal cases. Through this involvement, came into contact with many prominent lawyers, including V K Lingam, Manjit Singh, V J Kumar etc. Hence gained insight into many Judicial problems.

2003- Currently he works as an analyst for a US/UK chemical market consultant, Harriman Chemsult, which covers the world on PVC, Caustic Soda, Soda Ash and paper chemicals. Primarily in charge of market information, market analysis, writing of market reports, as well as report sales for the PVC, Soda Ash and Caustic Soda market in China. Reports written about the China market are published in the company’s monthly reports as well as on certain websites.

Simultaneously representing family owned companies, Lohmanson Inc. and related organizations in China and in Indonesia for business development.


1. Due to time spent studying in Beijing, and working in Hebei and Dalian thus have gained insight to Business in China and more importantly gained understanding to the networking within the public and private sectors in China. As a result of the Father’s relationship there he has established good contact with senior leaders in China.

2. Being a director of the Lohmanson establishment, have been involved in the company’s
Indonesian business development

3. While working in G-Connect Kuala Lumpur for Gartner, interacted with international experts in the ICT industry. Thus have basically gained insight into the development of the ICT industry structure.

4. While working in G-Connect, participated in many legal issues and court cases the company was involved in. Worked closely with several other law firms.

5. Market research, market analysis and report writing for the Chemical markets in China. Kept in constant contact with numerous large chemical producers, traders and buyers in China, the Taiwan province, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, Japan and Korea.

6. Through the family contact, he has also gained close relationship with established people in Malaysia.

Kepada sesiapa yang ingin bersama-sama mahukan perubahan, sila hubungi saya.

Kita tidak ada Jet Sukhoi, kita tidak ada polis menjaga kita, kita tidak beri rasuah...hanya sukarela ke arah sebuah reformasi.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sweet, Relaxing Birthday Party

(from left) Datin Nik Radhiah, Datuk Faruk Othman, Aida Faruk and
Idris (on his mum's arm)

Dalam beberapa minggu yang lalu, masa aku begitu suntuk dengan menyiapkan dua buku penting yang dipertanggungjawabkan kepada aku untuk disiapkan sebelum pilihanraya bermula – kerana kerdua-dua buku ini akan menghangatkan lagi musim pilihanraya.

Biar aku ketepikan terperincian buku-buku tersebut dalam penulisan aku yang lain.

Namun, kesibukan tersebut dipenuhi dengan satu majlis yang begitu bermakna buat Aida Faruk kerana menganjurkan majlis hari jadi bapanya, Datuk Faruk Othman yang ke 60.

Sebenarnya 16 Februari bukan tarikh sebenar kelahirannya. Dia lahir pada tangal 14 Februari tapi kita sambutnya pada 16 Februari kerana hari Sabtu dan ramai lebih mudah untuk melapangkan masa pada hari tersebut.

Persekitaran di Carcosa mungkin menyamankan dan memberi sedikit ketenangan kepada kesibukan dan tekanan-tekanan kerja yang sedang aku alami. Sebaik sahaja majlis ini selesai, rakan-rakan aku sudah tunggu dalam mengatur strategi untuk mingu-minggu seterusnya dalam pilihanraya ini.

Pakaian yang diwajibkan dalam majlis yang diadakan di Carcosa Seri Negara itu ialah black tie. Aku mengeluh panjang. Semuanya itu sebenarnya tiada masalah buat aku kerana pada satu masa dahulu, aku pengumpul pakaian-pakaian berjenama besar. Tapi, jacket-jacket aku, tali leher dan pakaian kulit semuanya sudah aku gantung tinggi.

Tuxedo for Faisal?

Aku mula-mula bercadang untuk memakai suit tuxedo aku lengkap dengan bow tie. Tapi, pada petang yang sama, Amir Muhamad (melalui Zulhabri) menjemput aku untuk sama-sama memeriahka majlis pelancaran bukunya, New Malaysian Essays 1 di Annexe, Pasar Budaya.

Selain Amir, penulis-penulis lain termasuk Brian Yap, Burhan Baki, Saharil Hasnin Sanin dan Sonia Randhawa.

Jadi, rasa segan pulak dengan rakan-rakan Bau-bau Café bila aku memakai tuxedo dan minum lemon-grass juice. Jadi, aku pun membuat keputusan ringkas dengan memakai jaket tuxedo dengan baju kemeja Bugotti yang dibeli oleh Ismail Kamal (Dee) yang baru sahaja pulang dari Dubai. Thanks Dee…how thought ful!

Tali leher pilihan aku malam itu Christian Dior yang dibeli di London suatu ketika dulu.

Aku sampai lima minit lewat daripada masa yang dijadualkan dan aku sebenarnya orang kedua terakhir untuk tiba. That shows how punctual my family is!

Aku diminta bergaya di depan jurufoto professional sebelum memasuki dewan makan.

Peraga pakaian? Korang nak challenge aku?

Habis aku posing!

Ray was looking at me and said, “one for PKR”.

Kepala hotak kau!

Menu Biasa

Tak ada extraordinary tentang makanan malam itu. Beriyani dan Naan. Tapi chocolate cake and sagu as deserts were fabulous!

Alamak! Hadiah aku lupa!

Aku sebenarnya dah ingat nak bagi pakcik aku satu naskah KONFLIKTING. Masa aku bagi souvenir tu Marina dan Joanne masa diorang datang KL Datuk Frauk Nampak…. Dia baca sekali imbas.

Tapi, aku pulak tak sempat nak balut dan letak kad ucapan. So, I decide not to…or at least later.

So, I suppose dia interested. Dia pun ada Tanya… dia punya copy mana?

Jadi, aku pun terus direct dia ke mPH untuk cari buku tu.

Instead of us giving the 'birthday boy' a present, we received a door gift plus a souvenir.


Pengacara majlis pada malam itu ialah Arif sendiri. Dengan lafaz doa, kita mulakan majlis dan ucapan pertama diberi penghormatan kepada pakcik aku yang paling senior, Pokde Talib (Tan Sri Abu Talib Othman).

Tersekat-sekat suaranya bila mulakan ucapan dengan meminta semua kaum keluarga membaca al-Fatihah untuk kedua ibu bapanya dan abangnya, Allahyarham Hashim Othman.

Selain itu, ucapan-ucapan lain diberikan oleh Hisham Mustaffa (abang aku bagi mewakili ibu aku yang sulung dalam keluarga), Abdul Razak Ahmad (mewakili mak saudara aku yang bongsu dalam keluarga).

Lovely music

Kami jua dihidangkan dengan persembahan instrumental string. Mereka-mereka ini aku biasa tengok dalam persembahan orchestra dan aku percaya mereka ahli muzik bebas dan main dalam majlis-majlis keraian di samping persembahan di Philharmonik.

Akhir sekali, aku ingin mengucapkan selamat hari lahir dan terima kasih atas segala kemurahan yang diberikan untuk keluarga kami terutama dalam kesudian membantu dalam majlis perkahwinan aku dulu.

Semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Pengundi Hantu Wujud Di Selangor

Berdasarkan pemantauan yang dibuat oleh Gabungan Pilihanraya Bersih dan Adil (BERSIH), di Selangor sahaja wujud pengundi hantu.

1. Sharmila Thuraisingam (KP 730117-14-5444)
Wanita ini mendapati namanya sudah berdaftar sebagai pengundi dan didaftarkan di:

Daerah Mengundi: Wakaf Zain
DUN: Salor
Parlimen: Kubang Kerian

2. Cik Ang Lai Im (KP 721014075330) berasal dari Puchong mendakwa beliau tidak pernah mendaftar selama ini dan mendapati namanya wujud di:

Daerah Mengundi: Kampung Melayu
DUN: Rawang
Parlimen: Selayang

3. Di Labuan, Dr Sunderalingam a/l Vanialingam (KP 671002-01-6565) mendapati namanya sudah berdaftar di:

Daerah Mengundi: Chicha Tinggi
DUN: Bukit Tuku
Parlimen: Rantau Panjang

4. Berdasarkan pemilih yang digazetkan oleh SPR pada 5 Februari 2008, masih terdapat sekurang-kurangnya 104 pengundi yang berusia lebih daripada 100-129 tahun.

Periksa sendiri nombor-nombor kad pengenalan di bawah:


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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Adakah Kelana Jaya Ibukota Jenayah juga?

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New Malaysian Essays 1 - Launching

Date: Sat 16, Feb 2008
Time: 8pm
Venue: The Annexe Gallery, Central Market Annexe, KL.
Admission: Free!
Enquiries: 03 2070 1137
A new book from Amir Muhammad, editor of the best-selling "Malaysian Politicians Say the Darndest Things (Vol 1)."

New Malaysian Essays 1 is the first of a planned annual series concentrating on local non-fiction writing. From polemic to ode to memoir, this series invites Malaysian readers – and writers – to notice, analyse and interpret the living, throbbing, squelching vitality around them. Multi-disciplinary, multi-tasking and best appreciated on multi-vitamins, this first collection takes us from Brian Yap's election-era critique to Amir Muhammad's alternative lexicon by way of Burhan Baki's elegant deconstructions, Aminuddin Mahmud's seminar on branding and Saharil Hasnin Sanin's knockabout ruminations on language before rounding off with Sonia Randhawa's stirring call for national (and therefore personal) self-realisation.

Also launching are two collections of short stories: "The Old House & Other Stories" (Hologram Publishing) by Chuah Guat Eng and "Kasut Biru Rubina; Koleksi Fiksyen Pop Untuk Jiwa2 Hadhari" by Sufian Abas (Sang Freud Press).

All three books will be on sale.

There will be live music by Mia Palencia & Jerome Kugan, who are both previewing songs from their upcoming solo albums, "Finding My Way" and "Songs for
a Shadow" respectively.

Oh, and free food!
Due to some objectionable content, the book will not be stocked in major Malaysian book-chains. So come get it at the book launch!

I was called to promote my very first bookKONFLIKTING. It will also be sold there. Grab it cheaply!

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Polis Ikut Arahan Bukan Undang-undang

Aku akan nyatakan di sini polis-polis yang hadir di ceramah kami di Kelana Jaya..... Tunggu pengemaskinian ini.

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Gong Xi Fa Cai: Buat SELAK

Cuti Tahun Baru Cina ini aku terpelosok di pejabat Daun Merah bersama kakitangannya menyiapkan coffee-table book yang bakal berada di pasaran sebelu pilihanraya ini.
Cuti Tahun Baru Cina ini aku terpelosok di pejabat Daun Merah bersama kakitangannya menyiapkan coffee-table book yang bakal berada di pasaran sebelu pilihanraya ini.

Aku namakan buku ini “Selak: History of BERSIH Towards Clean and Fair Elections”.

Penglibatan aku selama hampir empat tahun sudah cukup untuk aku menyiapkan hasil koleksi pengalaman aku dan teman-teman lain dalam mendokumentasikan perjuangan ke arah pilihanraya bersih dan adil.

Aku tinggalkan trip keluarga ke Janda Baik. Aku tinggalkan ziaah-menziarah teman-teman Tionghua.

Sejak 5 Februari sehingga hari ini aku berhibernasi di pejabat memastikan buku ini menetapi citarasa aku.

Buku ini akan dipenuhi dengan gambar-gambar dengan teks yang minima.

Sumbangan terbesar album ini perlu diberikan kepada jurufoto-jurufoto professional, semi dan amatur dalam menjayakan buku ini. Gambar-gambar ini memaparkan keadaan sebenar dalam perjuagan rakyat, pertubuhan-pertubuhan masyarakat yang cintakan keadilan dan demokrasi diamalkan dengan telus dan kredibel.

Dengan ihsan Harakah dan Ketua Pengarangnya Ahmad Lutfi Othman, kami memperolehi koleksi-koleksi gambar daripada Wan Zahari dan Nasir. Juga dari koleksi-koleksi jurugambar bebas, Salman Nasaruddin, Mohd Hafiz Noor Shams, Farhan Fauzi, Bryan Liew, Rachel (idlethink), Chuah Siew Eng, Tan Seng Kiat dan Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad.

Projek buku ini salah satu daripada azam tahun baru ini - dalam menghasilkan sekurang-kurangnya empat buah buku.


Ramai yang menanyakan aku kenapa SELAK? Aku terlintas dengan perkataan ini semasa berbincang kosong sambil minum teh-tarik di Jalan Kelang Lama.

Selak bukannya kita bogelkan. Selak lebih feminis daripada TANGGAL.

Kalau nak selak, kita hanya naikkan kain sehingga paras lutut sahaja. Masih tidak 'biadap'kan?

Sekiranya dibaca dari belakang, ia akan berbunyi KALES di mana tidak lut kepada anasir-anasir yang menggganggu demokrasi BERSIH.

Rasional tak?


Selama empat hari ini, aku hanya berkawan dengan artis grafik yang menginterpretasikan gambar-gambar dalam visual album. Selain bekerja sebagai artis grafik, Kirin juga pemain gitar undangan untuk kumpulan Search.

Lihat jaming Kirin bersama Search dalam youtube nya.

Kirin tak nampak jelas dalam klip ini, hanya jemarinya sahaja 'menggoreng' gitar kelihatan.

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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Lost in Transition: Malaysia Under Abdullah

“This is a significant collection of essays on recent tumultuous political developments in Malaysia written by scholar who is proving to be one of the most perceptive observers of the intricate politics of the country and the cmplex intermeshing of social, cultural and economic issues with political events and happenings.” Dr Lim Teck Ghee, Director, Centre for Public Initiatives “Shifting with ease between politics, economics and history, Ooi has drawn a clear picture rich with facts as one would expect from an analysis that has both the impassioned plea of the insider and the academic detachment of the outsider.” Dr Azmi Sharom, Faculty of Law, University Malaya


Publisher : SIRD
ISBN : 978-983-3782-39-0
Author : Ooi Kee Beng
Number of Page(s) : 196

Item price : RM30.00 (excluding postage cost)
Item weight : 0.36 lb(s)

To order;

1. Pls SMS 019-2232002 (Type )
2. After confirmation from the administrator, pay the amount to maybank2u.com or Maybank Kawanku to account Faisal bin Mustaffa (MBB 114179439605)

* choices: maybank.2u.com, Maybank kawanku ATM, or the nearest Maybank branches near you.

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Friday, February 08, 2008

"Another Overkilling Election Preparation Work by BN"...

Sungguhpun tarikh pembubaran parlimen masih belum lagi diumumkan dengan rasmi, cal-calon yang sudah tetap bertanding dalam pilihanraya akan datang ini sudah mula ghairah dengan menaikkan kain-kain rentang, bendera dan banting sebagai sebahagian daripada kempen menarik perhatian pengundi di kawasan masing-masing.

Di salah satu kawasan parlimen di Negeri Sembilan, Barisan Nasional (BN) telah mula meletakkan banting-banting dengan logo dacing di merata daerah Gemenceh supaya calon lawannya menghadapi kesukaran meletakkan poster mereka.

Banting yang meletakkan wajah calon, kawasan parlimen, Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) dan wajah pemimpin mereka digantung di kebanyakan tiang-tiang letrik utama di pecan tersebut.

Banting-banting tersebut juga dengan tidak rasa takut atau segan ditempatkan di tiang-tiang letrik berhampiran dengan balai polis daerah itu.

Mengikut Akta Kesalahan Pilihanraya, alat-alat berkempen tidak boleh dinaikkan sebelum 11 pagi pada hari penamaan calon dan ianya mestilah berakhir pada 12 malam sebelum hari pengundian.

Perbuatan ini akan membantutkan kempen pilihanraya sihat apabila BN telah mula menempatkan banting-banting mereka di tempat-tempat strategic sungguhpun sebelum tarikh yang dibenarkan.

SPR mahupun pihak polis Gemencheh setakat ini masih belum mengambil apa-apa tindakan atau sekurang-kurangnya mengeluarkan sebarang kenyataan berhubung dengan perkara ini.

Gambar di bawah diambil pada 7 Februari 2008.

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Police Intimidation in Kelana Jaya

Aren't the police intimidating the people?

Are the people violated any laws? Police Act, Mr police officer?

Aren't we denied to organize programs in our premise? We paid the rental, you know?

Where was I?

I was at the back of the door. Sitting and cursing the police. I almost cried but managed to control.

Friends told me that my friends and I have done a good job until all levels of police came intimidating the program.

I accidentally appeared in this cut. Not for glamour but called by Mr OCPD to questions on the technically on the forms we submitted.

To be frank;

1. We do not intend to apply for any permit base on the rights given in Article 10 of the Federal Constitution and the Suhakam Report after Kesas Highway incident.

2. We were told to submit the application 'for records purposes' and the police promise of granting permission.

3. We were given condition not to condemn the police during ceramah (which we obeyed)

4. The rejection letter arrived by two officers wearing plain clothes at 8.30 pm on the ceramah day. The officers told to proceed with the programme and ignore the letter. We followed the instruction.

5. Sargeant Ishak came and wrote my IC whereas they already have my details at the permit application. Isn't this intimidation?

6. ASP Zakaria came again and ask for me later.

7. OCPD Junaidi came told us to shut the loud speaker.

8. CPO Selangor arrived and did a round using his car. Apperently, he did not get down from his car.

9. ASP Zakaria apologized to me and said, "Kita jalankan arahan." I asked, "Ikut arahan ke ikut undang-undang?" He smiled and replied, "naik naik pangkat kena ikut arahan".

10. I told him quietly, "Lain kali kalau arahan kata terjun KLCC, jangan tanya kenapa saya kena terjun, tanya saya kena terjun dari tingkat mana?

11. Well, I wish the police should work harder to maintain their position. You aint gonna have your dream promotions if the opposition in power. You'll be sacked, mr police officer!

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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Polis Seluruh PJ Hadir Ceramah Kelana Jaya

Seluruh polis peringkat tertinggi di Petaling Jaya hadir ke Ceramah Perdana KeADILan Kelana Jaya dalam usaha memebatalkan ceramah.

Lihat sendiri situasi di ceramah semalam (4 Februari) di Desa Mentari, Sg Way.

Sebarang sumbangan kewangan dan sukarelawan untuk kempen menghalang polis bertindak sebegini lagi, hulurkan dengan membuat panggilan ke 019-2232002.

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Friday, February 01, 2008

Rakyat Kelas Ketiga Kuala Lumpur Rai Hari Wilayah Persekutuan

Sementara aku sedang sibuk membuat kerja kira-kira jam 10 malam dengan aman di rumah, aku terdengar dentuman bunga api. Sesungguhnya di beberapa tempat di sekitar Kuala Lumpur, mereka sedang meraikan cuti perayaan Hari Wilayah.

1 Februari setiap tahun diiktiraf sebagai cuti umum bagi penduduk di Kuala Lumpur, Labuan dan Putrajaya sebagai meraikan Hari Wilayah Persekutuan. Negeri-negeri lain mempunyai cuti mereka tersendiri dalam meraikan Hari keputeraan Sultan masing-masing.

Pada tahun 1964, hak undi ketiga mereka dinafikan apabila pilihanraya tempatan dibekukan dan hak undi kedua mereka dinafikan apabila Kuala Lumpur, Labuan, Putrajaya diumumkan sebagai Wilayah Persekutuan pada 1974,1984, dan 2001.

Ini bermakna penduduknya yang seramai 0.7 juta pengundi (atau 7% daripada senarai pemilih) meraikan Hari Wilayah Persekutuan (hari ini) yang bermastautin di tiga Wilayah Persekutuan; Kuala Lumpur, Labuan dan Putrajaya. Mereka ini, secara poliitknya disenaraikan sebagai penduduk kelas ketiga.

Aku memang sengaja tidak mahu menyentuh hal-hal Putrajaya kerana mereka ini diberikan makan, kemudahan segalanya oleh pihak pemerintah.

Makcik-makcik, pakcik-pakcik, abang-abang, kakak-kakak dan para graduan yang baru sahaja Berjaya lulus peperiksaan sebelum menjawat jawatan pegawai di pekhidmatan awam (lupa akan singkatannya) semuanya sudah ‘dimakan’ dek pemerintah.

Setiap hari, mereka bekerja rutin; punch-card jam 8 pagi, minum jam 10 pagi, makan tengahari jam 1 tengahari, zohor jam 1.30 tengahari, Asar jam 4.45 petang, bersiap jam 5petang, pulang jam 5.15 petang.

Pergerakan nyah-koloni pertama di Negara moden, Revolusi Amerika dua abad yang lalu telah memperkenalkan prinsip “tiada cukai tanpa pewakilan”.

Hanya penjajah sahaja membayar cukai dan mempunyai gabenor-gabenor yang memerintah. Apakah ini wajah dua juta rakyat Malaysia yang membayar penilaian cukai dan duti-duti yang lain kepada Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) yang tidak dipilih, Perbadanan Labuan dan Perbadanan Putrajaya?

Di dalam demokrasi, hak untuk diwakili wujud bersama-sama tugas untuk membayar cukai. Warga kelas pertama mestilah mempunyai hak mengundi di semua peringkat persekutuan, negeri dan tempatan. Dengan memansuhkan pilihanraya tempatan pada 1964, Kerajaan Perikatan telah menjadikan semua rakyat Malaysia kelas ketiga.

Dengan penubuhan Kuala Lumpur, Labuan dan Putrajaya sebagai Wilayah Persekutuan, penduduk-penduduknya diturn-taraf sebagai penduduk kelas ketiga dalam mementingkan penjanaan hasil. Dengan proses perlantikan tanpa pilihanraya, pihak-pihak yang diberi kuasa di dalam wilayah-wilayah dikelilingi dengan ketakutan dan kerugian kepada pemabayar-pembayar cukai melalui rasuah, penyalahgunaan kuasa dan persaingan.

Jadi, apakah salahnya kita mempunyai Datuk Bandar yang dipilih rakyat (bukan seperti yang ada sekarang), berlagak duduk di kerusi empuk Bangunan DBKL dan takut untuk turun menerima bantahan rakyat di lobi bangunan.

Kita jadikan Hari Wilayah Persekutuan ini hari perayaan yang boleh kita raikan dengan bangganya, bukan dengan bunga api sebentar tadi.

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