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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Police Intimidation in Kelana Jaya

Aren't the police intimidating the people?

Are the people violated any laws? Police Act, Mr police officer?

Aren't we denied to organize programs in our premise? We paid the rental, you know?

Where was I?

I was at the back of the door. Sitting and cursing the police. I almost cried but managed to control.

Friends told me that my friends and I have done a good job until all levels of police came intimidating the program.

I accidentally appeared in this cut. Not for glamour but called by Mr OCPD to questions on the technically on the forms we submitted.

To be frank;

1. We do not intend to apply for any permit base on the rights given in Article 10 of the Federal Constitution and the Suhakam Report after Kesas Highway incident.

2. We were told to submit the application 'for records purposes' and the police promise of granting permission.

3. We were given condition not to condemn the police during ceramah (which we obeyed)

4. The rejection letter arrived by two officers wearing plain clothes at 8.30 pm on the ceramah day. The officers told to proceed with the programme and ignore the letter. We followed the instruction.

5. Sargeant Ishak came and wrote my IC whereas they already have my details at the permit application. Isn't this intimidation?

6. ASP Zakaria came again and ask for me later.

7. OCPD Junaidi came told us to shut the loud speaker.

8. CPO Selangor arrived and did a round using his car. Apperently, he did not get down from his car.

9. ASP Zakaria apologized to me and said, "Kita jalankan arahan." I asked, "Ikut arahan ke ikut undang-undang?" He smiled and replied, "naik naik pangkat kena ikut arahan".

10. I told him quietly, "Lain kali kalau arahan kata terjun KLCC, jangan tanya kenapa saya kena terjun, tanya saya kena terjun dari tingkat mana?

11. Well, I wish the police should work harder to maintain their position. You aint gonna have your dream promotions if the opposition in power. You'll be sacked, mr police officer!

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