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Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Breath of Life

Directed by Cameronian Arts Awards winner, Edwin Sumun.

Starring Asean's own theatre dames, Cameronian Arts Award winners,

Anne James & Karen Tan.

Madeleine is a retired curator, living alone. One day, to her door comes Frances, a woman she has only met once, and who is now enjoying sudden success, late in life, as a popular novelist.

One wife. A husband. Another a mistress. Truths are revealed. The progress of a single night comes fascinatingly to echo the hidden course of their lives.

Dates/Time Wed 31 Oct – Fri 2 Nov 07 | 8:30pm
Sat 3 – Sun 4 Nov 07 | 3:00pm & 8.30pm

Venue The Annexe Studio 2, The Annexe, Central Market

Tickets Admission by Donation (minimum RM30)

Tel +6012.277.8871

Email answers@sumunda.com

Don't miss out! Limited run only!


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