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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Force of Nature - Proud of Studio Di Kala Jingga

On the 12 December, I received a note from my facebook inviting me for an arts exhibition held at Pace Gallery, PJ. Since it is not far from home, I decided to go. Knowingly also, the artistes are close friends of mine.

I am so happy that most of the paintings from Khai, Ali and Suddin were sole even though the gallery marked up 100% from the original price - and they say it is for charity!

The exhibition is for the women and children of Myanmar (Burma) helping them to rebuild their lives after such a horrible flood.

Pace Gallery Director, Yusof Majid

"Robert" 2008
102 cm x 153 cm
Charcoal on paper
by: Ahmad Zakii Anwar

"Kepingin Menjadi Pilot" 2008
183 cm x 153 cm
Acrylic on Canvas
By; Samsuddin Lappo

"The Ones That Flew Away"2008
152cm x 243cm
Acrylic on Canvas
By: Khairina Khairuddin

Suddin and Arif Fauzan were seen at the opening

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