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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Mukhsin at Theatre Beginning 8th March

The Director’s notes

Orked is ten. Mukhsin is twelve. They meet during one school holiday and quickly become the best of friends.

With "Mukhsin", I try to examine one common and uncomfortable human experience: What happens when your best friend - someone with whom you've been learning to do cool things like climbing trees, flying kites and riding bicycles - starts to develop romantic notions about you?

I feel it's an interesting human condition to look at, because I myself have never understood how, sometimes, something as beautiful as Love can threaten to end something else that is just as beautiful - Friendship.


Mohd Shafie Naswip (MUKHSIN)
Sharifah Aryana Syed Zainal Rashid (ORKED JUNIOR)

Sharifah Amani Syed Zainal Rashid (ORKED)
Sharifah Aleya Syed Zainal Rashid (MAK INOM)
Adibah Noor (KAK YAM)


At 4:39 pm, Blogger shafarina said...

Budak yang berlakon jadi Mukhsin tu pandailah. Nampak hidup lakonan dia.

BTW, it's no fun when relationship turns into something as passionate as love.

Banyak benda bodoh akan berlaku.


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