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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Need of Co-operation between Political Groups and Civil Society

2-20 November 2009 – During the Political and Civil Society Seminar organized by The International Academy of Frederich Naumann Foundation (IAF), FAN Malaysia had sent one of its representative to participate and co-moderate the seminar.

The focus of the seminar is to discuss The role of NGOs and Political Parties. The other participants are from the regions of South Asia, East Europe, Africa, South America, and Mediterranean. There are 23 participants attended the exciting seminar.

Malaysian participants presented their views on the political scenario and the rate of co-operation among the political parties and civil society groups.

The lecture were conducted by Dr. Rolf Freier and Mr Tauseeq Haider who covered A comparative analysis of NGOs and Political Parties that talked about the history, status, legitimacy and international significance. The seminar also covered the Themes, Public Image and Political Communication that leads to a better co-operation among civil societies and political parties.

In every session, participants were given opportunity to criticize and giving inputs to each other base on their experiences.

Besides the moderators, this seminar also has the opportunity to listen to the presentation of Prof. Roland Roth, University of Magdeburg who talked about social movement in Germany.

The seminar not only covered the class session but had a very fruitful discussion with Prof. Dr. Werner J. Patzelt who is from the Technological University (TU) of Dresden, Institute of Political Sciences; Mr Peter Fräbel (FDP), Mayor of Municipality of Floh-Seligenthal and also with a representative of FDP that talks about the development and current situation of the FDP in Saxony.

Besides having a various sessions of discussion about NGOs and political parties, the participants also were given the chance to meet up with to Dr.-Ing. Hans-Joachim Jäger who is behind the success of the rebuilding of the Church of our Lady (Frauenkirche) who gave a new spirit to the participants to bring back home.

In Dresden, the participants were given the chance to know the history of the city by touring the beautiful monuments and sites.

Malaysia will make use of this seminar by replicating the program to the local groups by taking the local context.


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