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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Suicide Bombing at Pakistan

I received a very interesting email from my friend from Pakistan who works with a human rights organization in his country:

Today a suicide bomb attack took place in a highly sensitive Army Area of Quetta Cant in which 3 school children and a security person were killed and 22 got injured.

A week ago a blast took place in a Madrasa (Religious school) in outskirts of Quetta where 20 people were injured , the Madrasa is believed to controlled by Taliban and also it is believed that that Madeasa was used for suspicious activities.

Since the operation, against the Taliban and Al- Qaeda is intensified in the troubled areas of tribal areas of NWFP (North West Frontier Province) the militants believed to be shifted in Quetta Balochitan and elsewhere , today's suicide attack is the connection of the same shift. There is a panic and fear of more blast in the city among the citizens The bests that don't care about the innocents are really the enemies of humanity.

Below is the photographs related to it:

the head of the suicide attacker

Army is blocked the area



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