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Monday, January 26, 2009

Police entry, one two jaga, Kugan mati.....

By Hafidz Baharom

I’m currently dumbfounded of how the police is being handled, and handling others.

First and foremost, the amount of force used to break up a group of illegal protesters varies from time to time. From chemically laced water cannons on BERSIH protesters, to simply letting the “Walk for Media Freedom” people disperse without incident after 30 minutes.

Allowing a raging bunch of lunatics protest in front of the American Embassy for Gaza, yet somehow stopping another raging bunch of lunatics demanding a million bucks each from the Queen of England.

And then, stopping a march for the Orang Asli’s to the King’s Palace to present a memorandum for themselves, yet somehow allowing a protest by UiTM students over a 10% quota quote by the MB of Selangor.

Frankly, I would like to ask the PDRM a simple question:

What the hell is wrong with you people?

For the IGP to continuously preach of somehow being impartial is not only contradictory, but I personally find it BS.

And not just any normal BS.

No, this is the type of BS that is so fertile it could have been used in our oil palm estates and all the trees would have been bearing enough fruit to put Indonesia out of business.

The IGP needs to stop spreading fertiliser, and actually do something. This is no longer an image problem for the boys in blue.

People’s minds are already set that the police can do wrong. And that’s not right.

Even then, I’m wondering about the upper echelon that runs the police as well.

I mean, how is it that our beloved bold, bald and scatterbrained Home Minister can somehow state in Parliament that the police could not maintain order in the Chow Kit area because it was unclean?!

How exactly is Chow Kit a threat to the police? This was never explained to me. Is it the prostitutes?

The homeless and stateless children, perhaps?

What is it that could threaten the police so badly to the point of abandoning tax paying citizens and allowing them to be exposed to criminal conduct from snatch thieves, drug addicts and rapists?

And yet somehow, the police are apparently not all that easily endangered.

In fact, with the A. Kugan case currently highlighted, it goes to show that our police, while being threatened by prostitutes on Chow Kit, can allegedly kill a car thief with a glass of water, causing him to foam in the mouth, with bruises appearing all over his body.

Yes, I do read Nat Tan’s jelas.info even if we don’t agree with one another 100 percent.

But this is not the first case of police brutality to surface, isn’t it?

A few years back, during the Freedom Film Fest, it was highlighted of how an Indian suspect had somehow allegedly escaped from Brickfields police station and jumped into a river and found dead by the police.

The emotional backlash from the community was very vocal. The Hindu community held the funeral for the guy right outside the police station compound.

Personally, I think the police staff in the station didn’t dare show their faces for that one.

I don’t highlight these matters without admitting that I do support the police force in all their works.

Not only that, I send them congratulatory e-mails praising them every single time they hold a roadblock to catch rempits in Shah Alam.

I do know they are not getting their fair share of salaries, how their equipment is sometimes below standards due to corruption from above.

I also know that they are good people who just weren’t born with a silver spoon, or a golden cup. They are people carrying out orders, and I hold those issuing out the orders responsible for the reckless handling of what was once the Malaysian Royal Police, now what I deem personally as a biased, personal army, which no longer serves the King.

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