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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tara is Free!

Tara is seated second from the right wearing green shirt

I was quite disturbed to understand that my mate from Fiji, Tara Chetty was detained organizing a candle-light vigil to free Tibetan from the rulers.

Tara is the Communications Officer at Fiji Women's Rights Movement

Tara released after pressure were given and she write to us this.....

Hi there everyone,

Thanks for all the lovely messages of support! We were just questioned and then released six hours later - we have not been charged (fingers crossed they decide not to!).

Our government has behaved pretty awfully regarding Tibet - in trying to foster closer ties with China, the unelected interim regime in Fiji sent a letter of support to Chinese authorities following the crackdown in Tibet.

And it was pressure from the Chinese Embassy officials and the newly appointed higher ranks of the police that got us arrested.

Of course, it all comes down to trade again: Fiji is sucking up to China for trade/aid opportunities - as other traditional trade/aid partners like Australia and New Zealand have been condemning our illegal government over the coup in December 2006.

Thanks again for all your emails,
Warm regards,

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