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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Imran!

Today is the second time we, the whole family celebrating Imran Iskandar's birthday last Saturday (10 Mei 2008) at Padang, One Utama. He is nine years old.

Most of the people who came to the party wearing Manchester United's jersey.

I have not been playing futsal since last DTP programme I attended last few months. I guess, besides attending an invitation from Imran, boleh lepas gian main bola.

The day before, I was at the Borders, The Curve looking for present. I found a coffee-table book, WORLD WAR 1. It only cost me RM39.90. This would be my reference for my next book project.

I notice; I injure myself in every futsal sessions I attanded.

The birthday party also celebrated Midah and Dada's birthday.

To them, I wish a very happy birthday, "May all your wishes come true and God bless you all".

Taking a break while playing birthday balloons with Alissa and Umairah
Raja Idris, the rising futsall star


At 12:48 pm, Anonymous AnakMudaParlimenBatu said...

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