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Monday, March 31, 2008

MB Selangor do not advocate UNIVERSAL HUMAN RIGHTS....????

"On the protest voiced by Suara Rakyat Malaysia (Suaram) on the Selangor-levy plan, he said local non-governmental organisations (NGOs) like Suaram must place priority on national interests and not champion universal human rights and attack the state government for looking after its residents in their own homeland."

"I was among the people involved in the corporatisation of the system for foreign workers and I can show ways to keep tabs on even the illegal workers," he said.
He calls them "illegal" - no human being can be illegal or irregular. The right term to use mr. MB is "undocumented" - and do you know what happens to these undocumented...RELA arrest them...detained...charged in court...WHIPPED...deported. (But somehow not much is done to the employers that have hired and used them - and one labour court also said that since they were "illegal", they are not entitled to their wages from this employer --- and interestingly no news about any action taken against this EMPLOYER too....

Khalid meanwhile said the RM4,000 in levy and agency charges migrant workers paid was too large a sum, and the state planned to call on the Federal Government to reduce the amount.
Why should the workers be made to pay these agency charges and levy - it should be the EMPLOYER. The employer, who wants to go and get migrant workers, MUST be required in law to pay all the said "agency charges", "levy", etc... NOT the workers... Any further contribution that the State requires for the usage of facilities in this country should come from these EMPLOYERS...

One thing that Khalid can do is stop the discrimination faced by migrants when it comes to access to medical care in Malaysia. Health and health care are fundamental needs to a human being --- and we should treat everyone equally here in Malaysia.

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