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Friday, October 16, 2009

THE BUDGET: How the Government is Spending OUR Money?


The federal government of Malaysia spends about RM200bn per year. On top of that, there is also spending by state and local governments. Where is all that money going? The Budget: How the government is spending OUR money is a guide to how the government raises its funds and how it chooses to spend that money.

Budgets are arguably the most critical macroeconomic instruments governments use to address long and short-term development goals. Public expenditure provides the infrastructure - transport, utilities, healthcare, education, defence and other basic services - necessary to meet the needs of the people and to stimulate growth.

Despite this, the budget is rarely put through the paces of thorough, accessible discourse. By addressing the issues of budget formulation, its components, sources of deficit, transparency and the political economy of government expenditure in Malaysia, the author sheds light on a topic that is usually conveyed through approximations, whitewashing and grand addresses.

This book serves us a timely reminder of the impact of the nation’s budgetary policies on our everyday lives. This simple, straightforward approach to the perplexing but important issue of the budget is the essential dummies guide; a must-read for every citizen and taxpayer.

Book Detail:
ISBN : 978-983-44629-6-3 | Paperback | RM 20* (English)

Author: Teh Chi-Chang
Publisher: Research for Social Advancement (REFSA)
Year: 2009

* excluding postage charges

To order;

1. Pls SMS 019-2232002 (BUDGET BOOK )
2. After confirmation from the administrator, pay the amount to maybank2u.com or Maybank Kawanku to account Faisal bin Mustaffa (MBB 114179439605)

* choices: maybank.2u.com, Maybank kawanku ATM, or the nearest Maybank branches near you.



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