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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Gummersbach Human Rights Group

Last April 2007, a group of human rights activists were invited to attend a seminar at Gummersbach, Germany for about two weeks.

I have gained priceless experiencse learning human rights, liberalism. We also shared human rights issues with countries from the Latin Americans, Middle-East, Northern Europeans, Asean and also Africa.

I also enjoyed the companions of the interpretors..... They made fun of the human rights activists as these people do not afraid to be locked-up only because to upright people's rights.

We visited a lot of places, learn their culture, arts and most of all - food. Of course, I got to become a vegetarian while there.

My colleague, Samuel Abankwa Duodo from Ghana took the initiative to gather some of our beautiful moments in Germany (both East and West) into a video-clip and put his interesting and enjoyable song to compliment them.

While I was in Germany, I also received e-mails from friends in Malaysia telling that Tian Chua was arrested because attempted murder. I notified the group and they felt upset and sent protest notes from their respective countries to free Tian Chua.

Issues? Among other issues that I have brought their attention is the rights of minority. Uthayakumar who supplied me with vcds and loads of files to present them there. (Uthayakumar is now being kept in the detention camp under the draconian Internal Security Act, ISA).

Yes, even though we are thousands of miles away, these are the group who have helped and supported me during my activism vice versa.

Hey guys, I miss all of you....

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