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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

BN's Violent Behaviour at Ijok

The Ijok by-election has proven to be the nastiest and most marred by BN's violent culture of gangsterism in history.

In all its years of existence, KeADILan has proven its dedication to non-violent struggle within the bounds of democracy and we can now prove that it is BN, with the help of the police that are the perpetrators of a violent brand of politics. The following is a narrative of events where KeADILan leaders and campaigners were violently accosted by BN and the police.

1. Barring, Provocation and Attacks on Nomination Day

Date: 19th April 2007, Time: 9-11am, Place: Batang Berjuntai Community Hall

The BN entourage barred the procession accompanying KeADILan candidate Tan Sri Dato` Khalid Ibrahim, President, Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah Ismail and the party leadership's path to the community hall. Outside the hall, BN supporters threw mineral water, sticks and stones at KeADILan supporters.

Clik here for more photos.

2. Attack on the Candidate and Accompanying Bloggers

Date: 21st April 2007, Time: 2.40pm, Place: Batu 8, Ijok

About 20 Umno Youth members attacked Tan Sri Khalid and accompanying bloggers/photographers who were having their lunch at a restaurant near an Umno Operations Room. The Umno Youth members descended upon the KeADILan group and their vehicles, barred their path, and threw bottles at them. One blogger/photographer was seriously hurt in this incident.

Witness: Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, Jeff Ooi & Paul Choo

3. Obstruction of KeADILan canvassers.
Date: 22nd April 2007, Time: 4pm, Place: Coalfield Estate

MIC members in great numbers refused to allow KeADILan campaigners to go door to door in Coalfield estate, and intimidated them to the point where KeADILan had to call the police for support.

Witness: S Manikavasagam

4. Intimidation against Youth for Change (Y4C)
Date: 24th April 2007, Place: Tuan Mee Estate

A group of youth and university students that were conducting a survey regarding the amount of information voters were receiving in Ijok were threatened and chased away by MIC members.

Witness: Lee Khai Loon

5. Obstruction of Health Clinic

Date: 24th April 2007, Time: 11am, Place: Kg Rantau Panjang, Sg Darah

A Pas health team that was conductin free clinics were accosted by Umno members who shouted profanities, and kicked furniture, creating a ruckus that prevented the team from performing their duties.

Witness: Dr. Lo' Lo'

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6. Candidate's entourage attacked

Date: 25th April 2007, Place: Coalfield Estates

A group accompanying Tan Sri Khalid was attacked by about 20 MIC members who prevented the candidate from doing house to house campaigning. KeADILan Selangor Information Chief and Klang Division Head S Krishnasamy was badly hurt and had his glasses broken in the attack.

Witnesses: Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and S Krishnasamy

7. Obstruction of Canvassers

Date: 27th April 2007, Place: Kg Rantau Panjang, Sg Darah

A group of KeADILan and Pas canvassers were physically prevented from entering the village area and houses near to a BN Operations Room by the police and a group of 50 BN members.

Witness: Dr. Xavier Jayakumar

8. Attack on Pas Youth members

Date: 28th April 2007, Time: After Suboh Prayers, Place: Simpang Ijok

A group of Umno Youth members ambushed and viciously attacked Pas Youth members from Kuala Langat who were restoring fallen KeADILan flags and banners in front of the Klang Umno Youth operations room. The Pas Youth members were assaulted and continuously beaten and kicked even when they had fallen to the ground. At least two received severe head injuries which required hospitalisation.

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9. Phantom Voters fracas

Date: 28th April 2007, Time: Approx 3.30pm, Place: Bukit Badong

The attempt of KeADILan supporters to verify the identities of passengers on two buses met with violent responses from Umno Youth and other BN supporters.

Witness: Syarifah Shahidah Syed Kamaruzaman

10. Attacks at PKR hot booth in Sg Darah

Date: 28th April 2007, Place: Sg. Darah Polling Station

BN members threw broken car parts, eggs and bottles at KeADILan supporters in Sg. Darah as well as harassed the vehicles of party leaders.

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