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Thursday, November 20, 2008

HISTERIA: Dare to Watch?

A tongue-in-cheek take on popular horror flicks of yesteryears, “Histeria” is a monster-cum- slasher film based on the cultural and popular belief of “Hantu Raya” in Malay Folklore. “Hantu Raya”, is the King of Djins, leader of the underworld legion and those who make alliance with it are considered all powerful. It is a shape shifter and can take on it’s owners shape and can also possess and cause death to others if so ordered.

‘Histeria’ revolves around six students, Murni, Alissa, Tini, Kerek, Marina and Junita, also known as the “Pink Ladies”, the most popular girls in their school. Alissa, the leader; and Murni is the scapegoat, frequently bullied by the rest except for Alissa. Their school is in an isolated area, far away from the hectic lifestyle of town… leading to many bored girls.

This leads them to frequently pull pranks and just before their semester break, they plan the ultimate prank – by pretending to conjure up the Hantu Raya and Tini then pretends to be possessed. Fearing the worst, the teachers call in a ‘bomoh’ (traditional medicine man) to assist. Their prank causes them to be punished and they have to stay back during their break to clean up the school compound. They are placed in a dorm far back in the school and are surprised to find that they are joined by a new student, Zeta, a prefect, who has been assigned to ensure they complete their tasks. The girls, none too pleased, decide that Zeta has to be initiated in the worst possible way to prove her worth to the group.

In the meantime, Junita sees the gardener planting something in the ground, and decides to steal it, a piece of yellow cloth, bone, hair and betel leaf without thinking about the horrible consequences that are about to ensue. Starting from this, the girls are suddenly confronted with the real thing….Gory murders start to happen and one by one the girls are killed. They are separated and alone, with no means to get help. Junita is one of the first to be killed.

At the end of two nights, the only survivor is Murni. Murni is accused of the murders. However the police don’t have enough proof to put Murni on murder charges. Furthermore, she denies it all. But if she is telling the truth.. then who is the real murderer?

At theater near you 18 December 2008.


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