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Tuesday, June 26, 2007



A screening in conjunction with "Processing The City" exhibition

by Valentine Willie Fine Art and The Annexe, Central Market

Curated by Amir Muhammad and Pang Khee Teik

Date: Fri 29 Jun – Sun 1 July, 2007

Time: 8pm

Venue: Gallery I, 2nd Floor, The Annexe, Central Market, KL.
RM5 by Donation
03 2274 6542

Friday 29 June, 8pm

Hello Goodbye by Chi Too
An LRT ride inspired by a Kings of Convenience song: "Parallel lines, move so fast, toward the same point, infinity is as near as it is far." (5min)

28 Hours Later
by Ng Ken Kin
Low-budget Malaysian DV meets big-budget British DV in this cheeky intertextual ride. A party-goer wakes up after a night of disco fun, only to find himself alone in the city. (14min)

18? by Danny Lim
Who's spraying the number 18 around the city? What are they trying to say? Are Malaysians running out of spaces to express themselves? (18min)

Ciplak by Kharil M Bahar (83min)
A Malaysian student in UK makes extra cash by smuggling pirated Hollywood films back to England. Unfortunately, the day he's supposed to deliver his supply happens to be the day of the biggest raid in the city.

Saturday 30 June, 8pm

Welcome to Kuala Lumpur by Eleanor Low

The city speaks. But is anyone listening? (3min)

Al-Baqarah by Saiful Razman
Enigmatic urban odyssey where people literally never say what they seem to. Named after a part of the Quran. (7min)

Majidee by Azharr Rudin
Two strangers at Puduraya struck up a conversation while walking to Klang Bus Station. What do you know – they are from the same hometown! (15 min)

The Big Durian by Amir Muhammad
In 1987, a soldier ran amok with an M16 in Chow Kit. It triggered rumours of racial riots. Suddenly, over 100 political dissenters were arrested under the Internal Security Act. The film speaks to real and fictional Malaysians to uncover the facts and myths surrounding this event. (75min)

Sunday 1 July, 8pm

Detour by Jassim Alsaady
How safe is KL for backpackers? No, not from snatch-thiefs, but from weirdos. (27min)

A Day in the Life of by Syed Omar
A perfectionist civil servant in a "jabatan khas" escapes his reality only in his dreams. (10min)

Bukak Api by Osman Ali
A classic! A safe sex educational video turns into a drama about the trials and tribulations of the sex workers in Chow Kit. (80min)

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Don't forget, we also have a FREE talk:

Urban Originals

The Dogma of Economics

by Kevin Mark Low (designer, writer)

Democratic Spaces

by Nani Kahar (architect, curator)

& Hishammudin Rais (filmmaker, cafe operator)

Performing on Site

by Anne James (actor, arts activist)

Date: Saturday 30 June

Time: 4.30pm
Venue: Gallery I

Admision: FREE!!


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